Knitting Factory Presents

Ben Miller Band, Bandits on the Run


Jan 16 Tue
Ben Miller Band, Bandits on the Run8:00 PM | Doors: 7:30 PM
Knitting Factory - BrooklynBrooklyn, NY
All Ages
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Bandits on the Run

Brooklyn’s Bandits on the Run are a rag-tag bunch of musical ruffians determined to make melodic mischief in every unexpected place they can find. At the center of this ring of criminal whimsy are Bonanza Jellyfish (cello, vocals), Roy Dodger (guitar, vocals), and Clarissa (toys, vocals).


Their songs combine each bandit’s unique song-writing genius with a healthy dose of harmony and heart. They bring a ‘50s sensibility and an old storytelling vibe to the acoustic indie folk scene, a smashing mash-up of old school and new school. Creative arrangement features prominently in these criminal’s musical contrivances: Catchy sing-song melodies blasted in unique three part harmonies. Soaring cello lines. Driving rhythmic guitar riffs. Xylophone and melodica tags that can be at once heartbreaking, inspiring, and comedic.


Since their inception in 2014, the trio has been responsible for countless musical hold-ups in the New York City Subway system. Since then they've brought their particular brand of live performance, charisma, and a robust harmonic inventiveness above ground to notable NYC institutions like Rough Trade, The Bitter End, and The Bowery Electric. 2016 saw the Bandits recording their debut album under the guidance of producer William Garrett, a current studio manager at Spotify Studios. Most recently, they have expanded their set to include drums and bass. Swing on by to their release of their first album (The Criminal Record) March 23 at Knitting Factory for a chance a gander at this budding band of outlaws before their faces get plastered on every billboard in the country. You won’t want to tell your grandkids you missed it.