Lupe Fiasco, Daylyt, Dayne Jordan


Jun 3 Sat
Lupe Fiasco, Daylyt, Dayne Jordan8:00 PM | Doors: 7:00 PM
Highline BallroomNew York, NY
All Ages
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World famous battle rapper, hip hop artist, photographer and all round artistic entertainer, Daylyt has established himself as an innovative and key figure in both the music and creative industries over the past few years. Daylyt (Davone Campbell) applies his unique style and personality to everything he does and in the process leaves audiences in astonishment, always wanting to know what he'll do next and how he'll do it.

Channeling his energy towards art has been massively important for Daylyt. After growing up in a tough area of Los Angeles he felt it was important to surround himself with a loyal team of people who all share the fundamental values of commitment and professionalism in order to achieve a common goal. This creative and professional outlook has led to an impressive photography career, with his remarkable work encompassing a new era we are entering of freedom, empowerment, sexuality and most importantly, artistic expression, using professional, prominent fashion looks.

For his achievements in hip hop and battle rap, Daylyt is regularly featured on LA Weekly, VIBE Magazine, LA Times and HipHop DX, and has hundreds and thousands of YouTube views in the biggest and best rap battle leagues in the world. These battles reach a global audience, leading the ever popular rapper to travel to the likes of Australia, Canada, England and all across the USA in his career, he has even had a battle with world famous US rapper Lupe Fiasco.

With the most viewed video on the incredibly popular DJ Vlad TV and numerous posts on accumulating to over one million views overall, Daylyt is an immensely popular and sought after character who has built up his own unique brand, becoming a household name within the music and photography industries respectively.


Dayne Jordan

Dayne Jordan is a hip-hop artist from Philadelphia, PA. Since 2004, Jordan, who originally performed under the name Dosage, has been releasing independent music and performing all over the globe. Dayne Jordan developed an interest in hip-hop at a young age. He has early memories of writing lyrics and performing them on his karaoke machine at home.

In 2008, fresh out of high school, Dosage had chance encounter with one of his biggest influences, Lupe Fiasco. The two formed a relationship and kept in contact. Weeks later, Dosage was introduced to DJ and Grammy-award-winning producer DJ Jazzy Jeff, who would come to be an integral part of his career.

In 2009, Dosage set out to record and distribute his first project, Sand and Foam. At the same time he created the brand, Third Degree, inspired by a group of childhood friends that he made music with.

On October 17, 2009, Dosage earned his first opportunity to open for Lupe Fiasco at Temple University’s homecoming in front of more than five thousand people. Sand and Foam was released months later, and Third Degree was shortened to 3D, representing Dream, Drive and Determination. He began branding tee shirts with the logo and selling them to help spread the word about his music and the brand.

In February 2010, after the release of Sand and Foam, Dosage joined Lupe Fiasco for the Steppin Lasers tour. Upon returning home from the tour, Dosage met DJ Ferno, now his official DJ. The pair recorded and released Dosage’s next project, 3D11. The project laid a foundation for taking their live performances to the next level. Dosage and DJ Ferno played local Philadelphia venues opening for artists like The Roots, Lupe Fiasco, Dom Kennedy and more.

In 2012, Dosage dropped his stage name and released his third project In Due Time, under his birth name Dayne Jordan. The project expressed his thoughts on the local music scene and how he yearned to share his talents with the rest of the world. At the end of a performance for Heineken Green Room at the Blockley, Dayne Jordan and DJ Ferno announced that would be their last performance in their hometown for a while so that they could pursue their career on a global scale. They both reconnected with DJ Jazzy Jeff to begin that journey.